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LunaVida Raw



LunaVida Raw Chocolates are the the chocolates that love you back! The ingredients are all organic, raw and vegan, but even better, they are DELICIOUS! We take the utmost care to keep our packaging low waste, recyclable and compostable whenever possible.


Take your mouth on a trip and taste the moon!


You can purchase our amazing chocolates from our site or you can also buy locally if you live in and around Bellingham to avoid shipping costs.  

Cacao beans - it makes our amazing chocolate

About Me

I became a vegetarian (no meat) at age 9. And then later I became vegan (no animal products) at age 13. In my adult years I have experimented with raw foods and landed on a happy medium of raw till 4:00. I was a gross out vegetarian to begin with. Meaning I was just disgusted by the idea of eating meat. But more and more I do it for the animals. It will always continue to be about health and the environment too for me.


I strongly believe that what we eat and where it comes from is of upmost importance.I began experimenting with raw chocolate out of my own need to serve my sweet tooth cravings and not sacrifice my health in so doing.

Please stay tuned as we continue to grow and develop and as always, eat your chocolate!!

Lisa Tenney LMP, Doula & Raw Chocolatier ~ <3 ~


How far ahead should I order?


Because all of our chocolates are made by hand, to order to ensure freshness and give each customer as much personalization as possible, we take a limited number of orders per month. Customers are encouraged to schedule their order as early as possible so that we can block out time on our production schedule. One week is ideal for small orders, two weeks for large.



Do you deliver, ship or offer pickup?


As we do not have a retail shop for order pickups, we can either personally deliver your order within Bellingham, WA at no cost on weekdays before 5pm or for $10 on weeknight evenings or weekends. Call 360-961-0799 to coordinate delivery outside of the Bellingham area or to arrange a pickup outside of weekday hours to avoid the delivery charge.

Shipping is also available at cost of using traditional carriers. Please note when temperatures exceed 75 degrees, we must ship orders using next day delivery in insulated boxes with cool packs to protect the chocolate from melting.



What is your returns policy?


If the chocolate is defective due to a problem with ingredients or preparation, please return the chocolate and we will replace it with the chocolate flavor of your choosing. Exchanges are welcome but no refunds are given. Please contact us if you are interested in a sample. 

How does LunaVida support women?


My bigger goal for LunaVida as it continues to grow and develop is to give back to the single moms in my community. I facilitate a space called Tending Moon Center. In it are two offices, the WISE doula collective and the massage/doula office with myself and Tanya Hladik. The living room serves as a classroom where we offer birth and postpartum related classes and events and the kitchen is where all the chocolate magic happens.


This year (2015) the Tending Moon kitchen became the certified commercial kitchen for LunaVida. I am thrilled to have my loves in the same place and excited to have more of an opportunity to merge the two. My hope is to eventually funnel a portion of LunaVida proceeds into a Tending Moon fund set aside for local single mothers. This fund will have specific and clear functions such as to pay utilities, help with tuition, help with childcare fees or pay for a doula and postpartum care.

How does LunaVida promote sustainable living?


I strongly believe that what we eat and where it comes from is of upmost importance.


I began experimenting with raw chocolate out of my own need to serve my sweet tooth cravings and not sacrifice my health in so doing.


I take care and time to find the best ingredients for my chocolate that are whole, organic and raw but also sustainably grown, harvested and obtained through fair trade.


I came across the company where I get my cacao butter while at a birth! One of the family members is one of the company developers and has personally visited the family run farms where their products originate. That feels good.


Packaging is something I don't take lightly. I am always looking for better packaging ideas and eco-friendly solutions. Currently we use a compostable plant based plastic for our stacked packaged chocolates and recyclable cardboard for larger orders.


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